TOP – The Augmented Manager

With TOP identify the causes of future departures anticipate resignations visualise the corrective actions over time that can reduce your turnover rate and maintain your teams.

NewWork RH Evolution 2023 Award HRD/Startup Hope Category
NewWork RH Evolution 2023 Jury's favorite prize
Nominated for the Global Innovation & Enterprise 2023 trophy
réduction de taux de turnover

With TOP go to enhanced management


80% anticipation of your resignations (at least)

15 to 40%

15 to 40% reduction of your turnover rate (in less than 6 months)


100% of decisions made on the current state of your teams (thanks to machine learning and data-science)

Your growth relies on your teams; preserve them with TOP thanks to artificial intelligence


  • Optimize the stability of your team in real time via HR metrics and HR management.
  • Predict collaborations with metrics like expected time.
  • Be alerted of detected resignations and get a detailed monthly report on engagement, based on HR metrics.
  • Build

  • Use our turnover calculators to monitor departures by team and employee in real time.
  • Identify team mobility risks and test the impact of each factor on departures via simulations.

  • Maintain

  • Anticipate massive departures by adjusting your salary offers according to the market thanks to TOP.
  • Receive targeted and timed action recommendations for your context.
  • Evaluate how each action influences the risk of a big quit.

  • Ensuring the relevance of your data and its security

    We keep a record of your data processing in accordance with GDPR
    We select only your essential data
    We respect your associates' consent to the use of their data
    We secure your data

    We have built a model that fits your industry

    Real estate
    B2B services
    Bank & Insurance

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