TOP relies on a team of specialized lawyers to ensure a legally correct solution. Our legal expertise ensures the stability, ethics, and compliance of our platform, offering you absolute peace of mind. 

Data collection is a responsibility we take very seriously. In strict compliance with regulations, especially those set by CNIL, we ensure that each piece of data is processed with the utmost rigor and absolute respect for prevailing standards. 

A well-defined scrapping policy is the key to compliance. At TOP, we are committed to respecting established rules to ensure the integrity of our data collection processes, thus ensuring responsible and legal use of each piece of information. 

Privacy is our top priority. All data we collect is processed in accordance with strict privacy protection principles. We extract only essential information, preserving everyone’s privacy and ensuring that each piece of data is used ethically and responsibly. 

At TOP, we strive to combine innovation and ethics, thus ensuring a reliable and secure experience for all our users.