How do you build long-term projects with short-term talent?

TOP assists you in the timing of your managerial actions in order to encourage support within your teams and thus their durability. 

We focus our actions on people, to make them your primary growth factor.   

Prediction of turnover rate per associate
Prediction of the duration of collaboration  
Identification of risk factors for resignation
Simulation of each factor's impact on resignation per associate 

How can you know the best management levers to preserve your teams?

Everyday life can sometimes hide signs of weakness in our teams. Based on precise metrics, TOP keeps you informed of these risks of mobility and their causes, while advising you on corrective actions to be taken within a given time frame. You can now pilot the development of your team with complete peace of mind. 

Proposal for corrective actions 
Planning of corrective actions 
Identification of corrective actions' impact over time

How do you utilise the best management practices according to your sector?

We are familiar with all the standards and practices of our own industries.    

TOP adapts to your context, based on data selected according to your contexts. Our team will help you choose the data and categorise it according to your specific context, for a unique and dedicated result. 

Customisation of input data 
User management and role allocation
A dedicated predictive model for each industry
Continuous updating of your team and market data (automatic Web & LinkedIn scrolling)