Strategic Human Resources Visualization

Gain a comprehensive view of talent management with our tool: detailed turnover tracking,
departmental analysis to identify risk factors, and access to complete employee profiles,
including their post-departure destinations.

Optimization of Preventive Departure Management

Receive custom nudges to implement effective corrective actions, with the option to validate, decline, or schedule them, while tracking their impact over time and benefiting from direct feedback from managers.

Salary Comparison

Conduct a comparative analysis of salaries offered by your company with market rates to maintain your competitiveness.

Incident and Talent Management

Incident Reporting: Report incidents that occur with employees, with automatic notification to the administrator for swift resolution.

Outstanding Profile Reporting: Flag exceptional employees for more effective performance and potential tracking.

Precision of Predictive Models

Monitor the performance of predictive models to ensure accurate and reliable predictions at all times.

Collection of HR Data from Employees

Easily and simplistically collect data from your employees for seamless integration.

Your employees are invited to correct their information for total control over their own data.