How do you build long-term projects with short-term talent?

TOP. excels in talent management by guiding you throughout your managerial actions, in order to promote support within your teams and guarantee their sustainability.

Our focus on people makes them your main lever for growth

Prediction of turnover rate per associate
Prediction of the duration of collaboration  
Identification of risk factors for resignation
Simulation of each factor's impact on resignation per associate 

How can you know the best management levers to preserve your teams?

The daily rhythm can sometimes mask the signs of fragility within our teams, including the threats of a “big resignation”. Using precise metrics, T.O.P. keeps you informed of these mass departure risks and their origins, while providing you with recommendations to take corrective measures within a given timeframe. Now you can orchestrate your team’s development with confidence.

Proposal for corrective actions 
Planning of corrective actions 
Identification of corrective actions' impact over time

How do you utilise the best management practices according to your sector?

We know all the standards and practices of our own business sectors.

TOP. adjusts its approach to your context, based on the essential data collected through your HR metrics. Our team assists you in the selection of these measures and classifies them according to your specificities, thus offering a unique and personalized result.

Customisation of input data 
User management and role allocation
A dedicated predictive model for each industry
Continuous updating of your team and market data (automatic Web & LinkedIn scrolling)