TOP vs. Praisidio

A Side-By-Side Comparaison

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Notification and report by email

TOP sends detailed reports to managers highlighting the resignation risks and drivers for each team as well as forecasts in the coming months

Praisidio does not send reports detailing the HR status of your team

Prediction of resignation risk over time

TOP provides you with a simulation environment to measure the impact of different risk factors

Praisidio's model does not test the impact of different risk factors on the employee turnover rate

Development of corrective actions over time

TOP allows you to analyze the impact of each proposed corrective action on the total resignation risk

Praidisio's model does not allow you to test the effectiveness of the corrective actions or measure their success rate on your team

Elaboration of corrective actions to counteract departures

TOP proposes a timeline corrective actions to support managers in their decision making

Praisidio's model provides its users with corrective actions on the basis of their HR data

Visualization of the employee departures risk

Visualize and identify the factors that contributed to your team's mobility with a detailed metric analysis

Praisidio provides insight into the causes and drivers of employee departures

Prediction of the resignation risk

Using your HR and market data, TOP's predictive model is more than 80% accurate

Praisidio's predictive approach is based on the HR data and the talent visibility of the company


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