Aymax, a digital services company with 300 employees, specializes in consulting, digital application development, and SAP solutions integration. Faced with a competitive market and
a scarcity of talent in information technology, Aymax sought innovative solutions to reduce its turnover rate and optimize the retention of its qualified employees.


Aymax’s goal was to reduce its turnover rate by proactively identifying departure risks and
implementing personalized retention strategies.


Predictive Analysis: TOP uses predictive algorithms to analyze data and identify early signs of turnover, providing a deeper understanding of employees' motivations and risk factors.

Notifications and Recommendations: Managers and the HR team receive real-time alerts for potentially at-risk employees, along with concrete recommendations to improve their situation and retain them.

Targeted Actions: Armed with insights provided by TOP, Aymax was able to deploy tailored initiatives, such as career adjustments and improvements in working conditions.

Features integrated into the process

Detailed tracking of turnover, including resignations and departures.

Analysis of the impact on the risk of resignation, both globally and individually.

Full access to each collaborator's profile, including professional background, salary, comparison with the market, and their post-departure destinations.

Customization of corrective actions, with the possibility of validation, declination, or scheduling.

Monitoring the evolution of the risk of resignation over time.

Receipt of personalized nudges to implement effective corrective actions.

Salary comparison to maintain competitiveness.

Reporting of incidents for quick resolution.

Ability to report exceptional collaborators for performance tracking.

Monitoring the performance of predictive models to ensure accurate predictions.


Turnover Reduction:

Through the implementation of TOP, Aymax successfully reduced its turnover rate by 32%.

Impressive ROI:

The use of TOP generated a return on investment of approximately €90,000 in the first year alone, thanks to the reduction in costs related to recruitment, training, and onboarding of new employees.

Improved Engagement:

Measures taken in response to TOP analyses also led to a notable improvement in employee engagement and satisfaction.

The adoption of TOP by Aymax not only significantly reduced the company’s turnover but also contributed to enhancing Aymax’s attractiveness as an employer. By relying on an analytical and proactive approach to talent management, Aymax strengthened its ability to retain its key employees while generating substantial return on investment through the optimization of its
HR processes.