AI Act

On April 21, 2021, the European Commission presented the AI Act, a proposed regulation aiming to establish a common regulatory and legal framework for artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications within the European Union (EU). 

Alignment with AI Act

TOP has integrated ethical criteria and AI Act requirements since its inception, affirming its commitment to responsible use of artificial intelligence. 

Responsible Decision Support

As a decision support SaaS solution, TOP advises managers and HR to anticipate employee departures while leaving decision control in the hands of managers. 

Debiasing Mechanisms

TOP integrates debiasing mechanisms to prevent any discriminatory influence, ensuring maximum fairness and objectivity. 

Transparency and Compliance

TOP is monitored by Hub France AI and Lab RH, ensuring transparency and compliance with CNIL standards and GDPR regulations, with databases hosted in Europe. 

Commitment to User Privacy

TOP provides clear information on data usage, accompanied by Terms of Service if necessary, and encrypts all data to ensure confidentiality and integrity. 

Full Traceability

By recording all events, TOP offers complete traceability, ensuring transparent history of all actions taken and results obtained. 

User-Centric Approach

Every action and result from TOP are aimed at improving the relationship between the employee and the company, providing reliable information and relevant recommendations. 

Adaptation to AI Act

TOP follows AI Act dynamics and is committed to offering an ethical and compliant model with future rules, contributing to positioning the European Union at the forefront of responsible use of emerging technologies.