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Technical Aspects

Application Aspects

Predictive analysis encompasses statistical techniques and knowledge extraction from data to analyze present and past facts for making predictive assumptions about future events. The goal is to help companies anticipate, forecast, and assess risks, making the right decisions that lead to the right actions for the right people at the right time. 

The prediction of the risk of resignation is based on your data and market data; using predefined selection criteria, risk factors adapted to your industry and context are selected. Based on these factors and using machine learning techniques, TOP adapts to all your business contexts and predicts team stability. 

Our solution is primarily based on two main categories of data: 

  • HR data tailored to the industry, developed collaboratively with the HR team. 
  • Market data by industry sector tailored by the TOP team. 

Predictive analysis primarily based on AI and machine learning allows you to go beyond statistical analysis of your HR data. Through predictive analysis, models can be automatically trained on what has happened with employees and draw conclusions about what will happen in the future. You will be able to more easily identify risk factors and implement necessary actions for employee retention. 

In TOP, each industry sector is treated separately. Risk factors are identified in collaboration with HR teams. There are factors that are common to the majority of industries and others that are specific to the internal policies of companies. Collaborative work with HR teams allows us to identify potential risk factors and integrate them into predictive analysis. 

Data can be imported into TOP in the form of an Excel or CSV spreadsheet. Integration with an HRIS is also possible. 

Once the data is provided, TOP will be adapted to your context within 3 days. If integration with an HRIS is necessary, implementation takes place within 2 to 4 weeks. 

Access to TOP is granted once the solution is adapted to your context. An administrator account will be created for you. You will have the option to create other accounts for your managers. If you opt for SSO authentication, TOP can prepare the integration and infrastructure for you. 

To reset your password, simply follow these steps: 

    • Click on “Forgot Password” in the login view. 
    • Enter your email. 
    • If your account exists, you will receive a personalized link to reset your password. Note: For security reasons, the link expires after 15 minutes. 

To update your data on TOP (e.g., add employees), you can re-import them into the solution using the Excel or CSV spreadsheet. We recommend updating your data at least once a month to maintain a high-performing model. 

  • The commitment of the TOP platform to the protection of personal data goes beyond mere compliance with legal constraints. It primarily stems from our desire to work with a spirit of respect and trust. In accordance with this philosophy, the protection of your personal data is essential to us. 
  • When you use the TOP application, you entrust us with your data. For this reason, we are “GDPR ready,” accompanying you by providing all the necessary documentation designed to explain the reasons and the way we collect and process your data. 

A good predictive model is one that evolves over time. We do not offer a trial period for our solution. However, no commitment is required. You can request a demo of our solution at any time to get a more precise idea of the product and have all your questions answered. 

The TOP team supports you in using the solution and interpreting the results. This is ensured through follow-up meetings and regular reports. You also have access to an interactive chat available 5 days a week between 8 am and 6 pm.