Our Story

Welcome to T.O.P (Team Opportunity Prediction), where we believe the strength of a company lies in its team. In a world where technology has the power to transform how we work, we took the initiative to create positive change. Since our humble beginnings in 2021, we’ve embraced the HR revolution through artificial intelligence. 


We’ve designed an innovative algorithm capable of deciphering data from your HR department to predict the future of your team. Powered by the latest advancements in machine learning, TOP’s technology adapts to your business, regardless of the industry. We take your data, categorize, analyze, and use it for predictions. With TOP, you’ll have real-time visibility into the risk of turnover within your team. 

With TOP, you can: 

Anticipate : Instantly visualize the risk of employee departure.
Build : Identify factors influencing your team's mobility.
Sustain : Discover actions to ensure your team's stability.
Our Mission

At TOP, our mission is clear: revolutionize HR management with ethical and trustworthy artificial intelligence solutions.

Our Values

We are committed to transparency, fairness, and innovation, values at the core of each of our actions and decisions.

Our Culture

We embrace a dynamic and collaborative corporate culture where creativity is encouraged, continuous learning is valued, and mutual respect is fundamental. At TOP, we believe that diversity in ideas and talents makes us stronger, working hand in hand to shape the future of HR.

Who's Behind It?

Maxime Cariou

CEO and Co-founder

Amine Menacer

Lead R&D and Co-founder