HR AI and Unions

At TOP, our multidimensional approach aims to reconcile company goals with legitimate union concerns, creating a harmonious balance. Discover how TOP addresses these issues proactively and ethically: 

As a decision support tool, TOP advises managers with targeted corrective actions to reduce turnover, leaving the final decision in the hands of the manager, preserving the human aspect in the process. 

We actively encourage feedback from user managers, fostering continuous collaboration to refine and perfect our solution in real-time. 

In addressing gender-related issues within a company, we take rigorous measures to minimize biases in our system, ensuring fair decision-making. 

Our solution fully complies with privacy standards and data protection regulations (GDPR), ensuring ethical and secure processing of personal information. 

We provide clear explanations of the predictive and analytical mechanisms of our algorithms, contributing to building mutual trust among all involved parties.