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Analysis of factors favoring turnover within the company to improve team management and employee retention.

ArtimIS is a French consulting company specializing in Governance, Risks, and Compliance. The team consists of certified GRC experts and industry experts (internal control, finance compliance) with proven experience in implementing internal control frameworks and overseeing information systems. 

  • Founded in 2017. 
  • 25 employees. 
  • 2 people involved in the project. 
  • Consulting. 
  • Level of digital transformation progress: Medium. 

Business Challenge: 

  • Meet growing client requirements. 
  • Face increasing competition. 
  • Protect against constant and growing turnover. 

AI Solution: 

  • Vectorization and representation of data based on a repository of 35K concepts in NLP. 
  • Matching based on the vector distance between development opportunities and talents. 
  • Machine learning. 

Project carried out by TOP, a SaaS solution that enables Managers and HR professionals to benefit from predictive insights into employee resignations through AI while proposing preventive actions to reduce turnover rates. The solution offered by TOP aims to provide managers with a decision support tool that allows them to understand the past, manage the present, and anticipate the future. 


  • A traditional approach to turnover that does not inform managers about the causes of future departures of their employees. 
  • Managers are not aware of the risks that can contribute to the loss of efficient employees. 


  • Faced with the risk of departure, managers can act accordingly and refer to suggested corrective actions. 
  • Managers can now detect the main reasons that prompt employees to resign and simulate the impact of each factor. 


  • Improved productivity. 
  • Reduced turnover rate. 
  • Optimization of HR policies. 
  • Improved revenue. 

Wassim Ben Mansour, Partner at ArtimIS: “Artificial intelligence has greatly helped improve the HR department as a strategic support to top management. AI automates and complements the majority of low-value HR tasks, allowing greater attention to be paid to the strategic scope of work. The partnership between TOP and ArtimIS has been successful. Managers have adapted to the application of AI to HR, thereby strengthening the competitiveness of the company. This solution has enhanced management quality through real-time risk metrics and views of the local situation as well as the entire ecosystem.  

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