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Data, the Fuel of HR AI for HRBPs and Managers of Tomorrow: When Revolv Meets TOP!

1- Introduction: The Development and Implementation of AI-Powered HR Tech Solutions, a Trend on the Rise Strengthened by the Preparation and Provision of Quality Data 

Solutions incorporating AI to enhance human resources are proliferating and becoming indispensable for companies aiming to boost their performance through talent management. This booming trend must be fueled by increased data availability and reduced costs associated with data analysis. To fully leverage AI in HR, having the most relevant and accurate data is crucial to avoid costly misdecisions. 

In this article, we will explore the use case of TOP and how their AI enables HRBPs and Managers to make a difference through employee data. Subsequently, we will discuss the importance of mastering data and how to maximize the benefits of this technology, particularly through a solution like the one offered by Revolv. 

2- A New Era: HR Augmented by AI. A Revolutionary Technology in a Market Undergoing Radical Changes – TOP Use Case 

Human Resources departments often deal with confidential data about employees and the company. To effectively leverage this data, it has become essential to enhance the quality of data processing through technology. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play, enabling HR to improve their practices in terms of understanding, utilization, and interpretation of data. 

To address the challenges faced by these professions, SaaS solutions like TOP deploy artificial intelligence to tackle issues related to optimizing company turnover. 

The TOP solution supports HR professionals in anticipating departure risks through AI-driven predictions. HR departments can visualize data related to turnover trends and predictions using intelligent algorithms. This solution also offers a notification system to alert HRBPs and managers in real-time about resignation risks and guide them in gaining a comprehensive overview of their team’s sustainability over time. 

TOP guides HR in transitioning to augmented management through artificial intelligence. This tool advises and enables visualization of corrective actions to be taken with each employee to prevent resignations. This augmented view of HR allows sharing action plans with all managers, optimizing talent retention strategies. 

The same department can also audit the proper implementation of advice given by the solution from managers, ensuring a comprehensive and effective management strategy. 

This SaaS solution enables HR and managers to retain their talents through prediction and data analysis. Artificial intelligence thus unleashes its full potential in the service of talent retention. 

Technology genuinely provides solutions to Human Resources professions. Artificial intelligence, when mobilized effectively, in line with the profession and ethically (addressing upcoming challenges such as the AI Act), can address many issues within a market undergoing significant transformation. 

3- The Importance of Data (Advantages, Obstacles) – The Use Case of Revolv & TOP 

With a value proposition as powerful as TOP’s, it’s evident that HR is undergoing a profound transformation through technology. To fully realize its potential, as discussed in the previous section, it’s crucial to understand a crucial issue: the management of employee data. The quality of decisions and the effectiveness of such a solution now depend, in a highly digitized enterprise, on the quality of information. 

Firstly, it’s important to understand the risks associated with poor data quality. Incomplete, erroneous, or outdated information can lead to decision-making errors and slow down the progress of HR strategy. For example, if employee skill information is incorrect, it will be challenging for a company to assign them to the most suitable projects, resulting in additional costs and misutilization of available skills. 

Moreover, poor data quality can lead to downtime: the tool or device depending on incorrect information is blocked and cannot proceed until the correct information is found/error is corrected/correct format is applied. All these elements fall under data quality. 

Neglecting systematic data management ensures a considerable loss of time and energy by manually tracking and acquiring data, chasing after them when they are found missing or erroneous, often too late in the process. 

For example: 

  • Recruiting or promoting the wrong person. 
  • Resorting to external recruitment rather than internal because information is not available/accessible/up-to-date. 
  • Being unable to understand and anticipate departures or having to resort to a consulting firm for specific missions when potentially the skills were available internally. 

Data quality is even more critical in the context of hyper-digitalization. The points discussed so far in this section highlight the risks to HR management, but it’s essential to understand that an increasing portion of decision-making and HR devices now rely on software or even artificial intelligence, which, more than the human brain, requires a large amount of information, up-to-date, complete, at the risk of producing biased results/analyses. 

This is the value proposition of Revolv, the data management optimization solution in the HR IT ecosystem. Revolv allows diagnosing data quality in the HRIS, identifying and locating anomalies, and, with AI, assisting or automating the quality process to ensure the quality and operation of HR devices and tools. 

The goal is to provide tools like TOP with all the raw materials needed to produce optimal recommendations in real-time and boost the productivity of managers. 

Let’s consider the use case of a multinational where multiple tools coexist: for example, a local HRIS for a business unit in France and a group-level HRIS in an initiative to standardize global HR processes, at least for those that can be standardized internationally. It is essential to ensure data consistency is exchanged almost daily between local and group levels without creating blockages in the rules of management that depend on activating certain business processes. For example, locally changing the position of employee Y for a mobility that is not updated elsewhere could block the manager’s tool. 

This could potentially block access approvals to an industrial site for a mission that is starting or to validate holidays or expense reports. 

When multiple tools coexist, data entry points multiply, and the risks of discrepancies and inconsistencies increase. It is necessary to monitor these anomalies almost in real-time and compress correction times to eliminate costly blockages in business activity. This is what the surveillance and quality management tool offered by Revolv does: our artificial intelligence takes on the role of a data steward for HR teams to proactively monitor quality and detect anomalies, as mentioned in the examples. In a second step, either automate their correction and the application of management rules or assist target actors through a recommendation system. Revolv thus ensures the continuous quality and availability of employee data in HR devices to support process fluidity and decision-making quality. 

4- TOP & Revolv Use Case at Aymax: Accelerating the Solution Integration Process in Production 

Aymax is an IT consulting firm specializing in digital application development and SAP solutions integration with over 200 employees. 

To address its talent retention challenges and optimize its managerial practices, the company turned to TOP and benefited from the partnership with Revolv to enhance the management of its HR data for this implementation. 

A predefined methodology for the implementation: 

This collaboration followed a well-defined methodology. To optimize and expedite the TOP solution integration process, Aymax initially provided its data from its Quick HRIS to Revolv for restructuring. 

With its extensive market data on the human resources sector, Revolv was able to supplement this data to enhance its quality, particularly with the standardization and enrichment of job-related data, skills, and cleaning of the database. 

Once all the data is cleaned and supplemented, Revolv transmitted the results to TOP for integration into the solution’s algorithm. 

Doing this data quality work at a given moment is currently a laborious, manual, and artisanal task that takes considerable time and energy. The strength of Revolv’s value proposition is not only to do it at a specific point in time but, more importantly, to establish continuity in the process through its monitoring tool, which continuously monitors HR data in existing tools. If this work is done only once, you are certain that if you return a year later, the quality is again poor, and the process needs to be restarted. This is where the Data Health Index and downstream data correction features come into play: identifying anomalies and missing data in real-time to compress the identification and correction times of the data, ensuring fluidity and decision quality. 

Benefits of the TOP & Revolv Collaboration at Aymax: 

The cooperation between TOP and Revolv improved the HR data collection phase for Aymax, ensuring better structuring from a business perspective for easier integration. 

Thanks to this collaboration, Aymax saved 1 to 2 hours daily in the structuring and collection of its data compared to manual practices. 

This partnership also minimizes back-and-forth communication between different stakeholders. 

This practice enhances data relevance, achieving 90% completeness compared to 70% with manual methods. 

By benefiting from the Revolv and TOP partnership, Aymax ensured a simplified integration of the solution while guaranteeing the quality of its internal and market data. 

A successful integration, as after 6 months, Aymax has achieved: 

  • A prediction model performance for resignations equal to 89%. 
  • A 22% reduction in turnover. 

5- Conclusion: HR AI and Data are Inseparable 

In conclusion, AI has become an essential tool to improve Human Resources processes. SaaS solutions like TOP that use AI to optimize company turnover provide a comprehensive view of team sustainability and enable HR and managers to make more informed decisions using precise and exhaustive insights. To obtain high-quality and actionable insights, to maximize positive impact, it is crucial to have the most relevant and accurate data possible, avoiding additional direct or indirect costs related to inappropriate decisions. 

Therefore, it is now indispensable to implement data monitoring to optimize their management and ensure their continuous quality through technology like that provided by Revolv. Because downstream, it guarantees the quality of decisions based on AI and an opportunity to reduce biases in recruitment and development processes, contributing to building an inclusive and diverse corporate culture. 

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