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How to Enhance Managers’ Daily Routine through Artificial Intelligence

Digitalization plays a major role in the growth strategies of companies. To keep up with this dynamic, managers must adapt to change by harnessing the benefits of new technologies and addressing the challenges that come with them. According to a study by ACSEL, 79% of companies acknowledge the contribution of digitalization to their growth. 

New technologies now allow for further optimization of the daily tasks of employees and managers: task allocation, improved traceability, management of professional expenses, talent retention, etc. Data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation through RPA are technologies that positively impact the daily lives of managers. They offer numerous advantages, such as improved data analysis, optimization of machine learning systems, and time savings on repetitive tasks. 

Corporate executives today face various daily challenges: workload overload, hybrid management, talent market tensions, performance monitoring, budget tracking, etc. To address all these issues, technology should be seen as an opportunity. 

How do these technologies, especially artificial intelligence, facilitate the daily lives of managers? 

Digitalization of the Manager’s Role: What are the Benefits? 

Currently, digitalization is at the core of the daily responsibilities of managers. Equipping oneself with suitable, innovative, and efficient digital tools brings numerous advantages by addressing several operational, functional, and organizational challenges. Here are some concrete examples: 

  1. Mobilizing RPA to automate accounting entries: This technology frees up considerable time by automating manual, often redundant, and low-value tasks. 
  1. Managing team tasks asynchronously: Using instant messaging tools or document-sharing interfaces, this type of communication streamlines the daily management of team tasks and simplifies remote work. 
  1. Reducing team training costs through e-learning: E-learning is a lever to save time and money, optimizing the quantity of training production compared to a physical delivery model. 
  1. Centralizing information: Ensures end-to-end traceability of all operations carried out by teams, securely. 
  1. Improving reporting with business intelligence tools: Facilitates decision-making based on reliable and real-time data. 
  1. Optimizing employee retention through the use of suitable tools: A study by Vanson Bourne reveals that nearly a quarter of surveyed employees state leaving a job because they felt they did not have access to the latest technologies. 

How Managers Can Benefit from Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence complements human practices, particularly with its ability to collect, sort, and analyze large volumes of data. This technology is primarily based on improving and optimizing management and decision-making through better interpretation of collected data. 

Predictive analysis, for example, relies on the use of data, algorithms, and machine learning to anticipate outcomes and have the necessary information to make informed decisions ahead of time. 

Artificial intelligence is one of the most essential technologies to ensure the smooth operation of a company, whether it is large, small, or medium-sized. Beyond simplifying processes, it is necessary to provide reliable performance indicators, anticipate the results of implemented actions, and obtain contextualized answers by making the best use of all the company’s data. 

How Digital Solutions, through Artificial Intelligence, Address Managers’ Challenges in Their Daily Lives? 

TOP: Becoming the Augmented Manager through Artificial Intelligence 

This French startup, specializing in talent retention management, offers a SaaS solution to managers promoting the sustainability of their teams. By mobilizing artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning, this solution anticipates resignations and proposes corrective actions to managers to reduce turnover. 

TOP relieves its users in management, especially in these aspects: 

  1. Gaining perspective on one’s team: By identifying the main areas of evolution and visualizing possible corrective and preventive actions for the benefit of teams to ensure their sustainability. 
  1. Piloting the evolution of one’s collaborators more serenely: By detecting the needs of each individual, such as the ambition for career advancement or the need for a meeting with their manager, for example. 
  1. Applying a common management direction within a company: TOP allows for establishing a homogeneous and unified management strategy defined by the top management. 
  1. Anticipating any resignation risks: Thanks to predictive analysis, which identifies the main reasons for departures and identifies any risks. 

TOP promotes the concept of augmented management through the analysis of sector-specific data and those specific to the company, allowing managers to act effectively, at the right time, and in real-time. 

Expensya: Optimizing Payment and Professional Expense Management through a Dedicated Solution 

Today, one of the most tedious tasks in a company is managing the professional expenses of its employees. Managers face numerous challenges related to outdated, time-consuming, and error-prone management methods. 

With its expertise in payment and expense management, Expensya has developed a solution that allows for perfect and intuitive control of the professional expenses of its employees. 

More and more companies are resorting to expense management software, some particularly advocating for Smart Spend! Traditional payment methods have countless disadvantages, such as a lack of control and security, missing receipts, or limited payment cards in the company. The Expensya card allows concerned managers to have total control over the expenses of their teams. They can customize the cards issued to employees, set a spending limit, instantly deactivate the card in case of fraud/theft, etc. 

Expensya enables teams to better manage their professional expenses through several features: 

  1. Real-time KPI reporting (expense tracking) through business intelligence 
  1. Interconnecting this process with the company’s IT ecosystem (ERP integration) 
  1. Simplifying expense report submission through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) 

Offering this type of solution to the team provides a real advantage in the daily lives of managers. Expensya allows companies to favor the traceability of payment information from their teams, making the data complete, reliable, and provided in real-time. The solution brings transparency to expense management, instant visibility, and reporting simplicity. 

The tool is designed to meet the needs of managers without forgetting those of employees. It improves employee satisfaction by providing them with a user-friendly solution that brings autonomy and confidence while preserving oversight from the manager. 

Today, technologies are the driving force behind the managerial and structural evolutions of companies. Managers, who face increasing tensions, can adopt solutions that address their challenges. Artificial intelligence, process automation, and business intelligence represent real opportunities, allowing them to facilitate their daily lives. 

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