3 Essential Tools for Recruiting Reliable Talent and Retaining Them

A competitive company is one driven by high-performing and sustainable teams. While the importance of talent retention is undeniable, companies struggle to address it. Skills shortages, coveted talents, difficulty in attracting the best candidates, and retaining them long-term place turnover at the heart of all concerns.

How to promote the acceptance of AI in HR within your organization? 

Today, Human Resources (HR) face various challenges in a constantly evolving work environment. Among their main challenges are the effective management of data and talent retention. In this context, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers innovative solutions such as complete task automation, the ability to analyze and process large volumes of data, and support […]

AI in HR and Management: Retrospective of 2023 Trends and 2024 Predictions 

In a rapidly evolving world, artificial intelligence (AI) holds a central position in the global market. According to a study by Gartner, this technology ranks high in expectations, anticipating significant transformations. Its growing influence across various professional domains, including management, healthcare, and others, underscores its increasingly crucial role in our professional landscape. Both management and […]

AI and HR Unions: Balancing Innovation and Employee Rights

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly integrated into human resources, enabling in-depth and relevant data processing. However, this technology raises concerns about the protection of employees’ personal data.  Today, unions are committed to framing innovation in Artificial Intelligence and protecting workers’ rights, emphasizing the importance of rigorous regulations to ensure the confidentiality of their personal data. […]

Digital HR: Legal Compliance at the Heart of Innovation

Legal compliance in the field of Human Resources (HR) encompasses all obligations imposed on companies by the law, such as labor law and applicable standards like the mandatory display of documents, risk management, organization of working time and contracts, as well as HR interviews. In this context, technological innovation plays a key role in promoting […]

Ethical Oversight of HR Predictive Models: A Necessity for Artificial Intelligence

The integration of artificial intelligence into human resources encompasses various aspects: task automation, process simplification, as well as data analysis and processing. However, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of ethical oversight of HR data when using AI to ensure responsible use of this technology. How can adequate ethical supervision of an AI HR […]

Cultivating Employee Data Literacy for HR AI Aligned with the Symmetry of Intentions

Today, fostering employees’ familiarity with the world of data is a major and imperative challenge due to the dynamics surrounding HR AI. This initiative is tied to the concept of symmetry of intentions, embodying the balance between the interests of the company and those of its members.  Taking into account mutual interests is crucial, especially […]

TOP Wins Two Trophies at NewWork RHevolution

During its 4th edition held in July 2023, NewWork RHevolution brought together a community of over 500 HR decision-makers determined to explore the latest innovations in the field. With the participation of more than 40 startups showcasing innovative ideas, the event addressed a wide range of HR issues, such as the digitization of HR processes, […]

How does TOP Contribute to Ethical Artificial Intelligence and Aligns with the AI Act?

On April 21, 2021, the European Commission unveiled the Artificial Intelligence Act, a regulatory project aimed at establishing a common regulatory and legal framework for artificial intelligence (AI) and its uses within the European Union (EU).  The objectives of this initiative are manifold: to impose a regulatory framework to oversee the use and development of […]