TOP Wins Two Trophies at NewWork RHevolution

During its 4th edition held in July 2023, NewWork RHevolution brought together a community of over 500 HR decision-makers determined to explore the latest innovations in the field. With the participation of more than 40 startups showcasing innovative ideas, the event addressed a wide range of HR issues, such as the digitization of HR processes, […]

How does TOP Contribute to Ethical Artificial Intelligence and Aligns with the AI Act?

On April 21, 2021, the European Commission unveiled the Artificial Intelligence Act, a regulatory project aimed at establishing a common regulatory and legal framework for artificial intelligence (AI) and its uses within the European Union (EU).  The objectives of this initiative are manifold: to impose a regulatory framework to oversee the use and development of […]

Analysis of factors favoring turnover within the company to improve team management and employee retention.

ArtimIS is a French consulting company specializing in Governance, Risks, and Compliance. The team consists of certified GRC experts and industry experts (internal control, finance compliance) with proven experience in implementing internal control frameworks and overseeing information systems.  Business Challenge:  AI Solution:  Project carried out by TOP, a SaaS solution that enables Managers and HR […]

AI to Better Anticipate Resignations

Users – HR, HRBPs, Managers, Executives  Introduction: With the rising influence of artificial intelligence, HR practices are undergoing a transformative shift. Technologies derived from AI enhance the management, analysis, interpretation, and understanding of company data, especially those related to HR departments.  In the era of the “Great Resignation,” AI plays a crucial role in supporting […]

Data, the Fuel of HR AI for HRBPs and Managers of Tomorrow: When Revolv Meets TOP!

1- Introduction: The Development and Implementation of AI-Powered HR Tech Solutions, a Trend on the Rise Strengthened by the Preparation and Provision of Quality Data  Solutions incorporating AI to enhance human resources are proliferating and becoming indispensable for companies aiming to boost their performance through talent management. This booming trend must be fueled by increased […]

AI Algorithms in HR: How to Mobilize Them Ethically?

I- The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources Management  With the rapid evolution of Artificial Intelligence technologies, particularly in machine learning, new uses and practices are emerging in human resources management that were previously untapped. HR Tech solutions powered by AI, including TOP (The Augmented Manager), are emerging in a market that is discovering […]

How to Harness Artificial Intelligence for HR Data in an Ethical and GDPR-Compliant Manner? 

Data lies at the core of human resources management. From an ethical standpoint, the use of this data with Artificial Intelligence raises questions about the purpose of its exploitation. Since HR data is considered sensitive, companies must pay special attention to ensure compliance with security rules and GDPR regulations.  Ethical and GDPR-related issues are thus […]

How to Enhance Managers’ Daily Routine through Artificial Intelligence

Digitalization plays a major role in the growth strategies of companies. To keep up with this dynamic, managers must adapt to change by harnessing the benefits of new technologies and addressing the challenges that come with them. According to a study by ACSEL, 79% of companies acknowledge the contribution of digitalization to their growth.  New […]

Augmented Management: What are its main contributions in a company?

Digital transformation is a phenomenon that has impacted the functioning and internal organization of businesses. Digital has become the most significant catalyst for change in today’s companies. Everything has transitioned into digital. To stay at the forefront of technological advancements, CIOs, HR managers, and executives must rethink their business strategies and be open to adopting […]